get in the door, stay in the door

We created our proprietary “Get In The Door, Stay In The Door “ Sales Lead Development System based on the fact that we believe in the following premise.  And, that premise states that on an average for every one hundred “Discovery Conversations“ with the right decision maker over the telephone that the results will end up with ninety – “No Interests” and ten – “Interested “.  So, if this is true, then why sell on the telephone during the Discovery Process.  We believe that it makes more practical common sense to use the opportunity to qualify and continue to profile the prospect sales opportunity  by asking the right questions.


We refer to this as the “Process Of Elimination“ which is to focus on dis-qualifying the decision maker as someone that will never purchase your Managed Services Program.  This way you do not need to waste time or waste your resources ever calling on this company and decision maker again.


And, we know that there are two kinds of a “No Interest” Decision Makers.  And, that is a Temporary No Interest and a Permanent No Interest.  And, the way that you differentiate between the two types is to ask the right questions.  This will allow you to determine which decision makers to follow up and which one’s not to follow up .   And, most of all when to follow up and what questions to ask the decision maker.


Also, There are two types of Interested Decision Makers and those too can be differentiated by asking the right questions.  There is the Immediate Interested and the Future interested and the right questions will help identify the differences between the two decision makers.  And, the key is to know when and why to follow up and again what questions to ask the decision maker.


As New Business Development Specialists, we know first-hand that you must spend money to make money.   And, over the years we have come to think that is a lot like dying .  We think that everyone basically wants to go to heaven, but we know that no-one really wants to die, first.  And, everyone tells us that they want to grow their business but no-one wants to spend any money, first.  Huh?  How can that be?  Both will provide eternal salvation but both come with a major cost.


So, here is a comprehensive list of traditional marketing services that we do not provide:


  • Telemarketing
  • Mass Direct Mail Marketing
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Random Marketing


And, here is a comprehensive list of Sale Lead Development Programs we do offer our MSP clients.


  • Implementation of our proprietary “Get In The Door, Stay In The Door”  Sales Lead Development System which can include training, coaching, and production services.
  • Acquisition of Live Face-to-Face Sales  Appointment and Telephone Sales Appointments
  • Training and coaching of Pre-sales Lead Development and “Discovery Cold Calling Techniques“.





You’re here because you know you need more results. The Cold Call King has helped hundreds of companies over many years, helping them to implement new, cost effective sales lead development strategies that in turn enables them to grow their businesses.

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